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i am moding VR4 help plz!

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I have a grad gift given to me by my uncles all to gether lol all 9 of them i told them i wanted to mod my car so there up to buy me the stuff i want lol nothin over 500 a piece tho i gotta keep it on the dl for them aight i need the down pipe up pipe intake and exaughst all mine has right now is the hks exaughst but it rides low and speed bumps are takin there toll on it if you guys kow the parts i should buy im lookn for the best cuz this car is all i will have for the next 30 years or so, ill modd it good and pray it holds with my driving oh and for your knowledge i got whooped by the supra 1 1/2 cars behind apperintly there are hises you can pull in the supra that make an artificail blow out and he tweeked his stock turbos to run 20 psi mine only runnin 13 psi well hook up the links ive been lookin

ps: ive been lookin for that auto spoiler i cant find n e thing about it aperintly you older guys know more about this car then i do help a newbi out tnx (sorry im only 18)

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you are only 10?

you are only 10?

he's only 18 the 8 is confused with the 8) smiley hence u put the 8 then )

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