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BMW unable to comply with new F1 regulations

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BMW will be unable to comply with the coming F1 regulations. The new regulation sais that one engine has to be in use by atleast 2 teams. So Ferrari has to sell it's engine to a second team, McLaren Mercedes has to sell it's engine to a second team, Williams BMW has to sell it's engine to a second team and so on.

Mercedes already has an engine on sale for 10 million euro's which is inline with other manufacturers like Ferrari and Ford were already asking for their engines. "Ten million will hardly cover the cost of the parts needed for our engines" said Mario Theissen director of BMW's motorsport department, "We won't give the engines away and we can't find any costumers to buy the engines for such high prices" he continued to explain.

We all know what the quality of a BMW engine is, be it on the road or on the track. It's this high quality that you will have to pay for, but seeing MB and Ferrari make equaly powerfull engines at lower prices other teams will go for these engines instead of BMW's engines. Even thought BMW's engines are on the pricey side, BMW Williams isn't doing so well. The team has 4th place in the constructors championship and their drivers have 6th and 7th place in the drivers championship. If BMW can't find a costumer for their F1 engines they will be out of the race next season and Williams will be forced to buy their engines from another supplier (possibly Mercedes).

Current constructor championship:

Pos.  Team              Points 

1     McLaren Mercedes  51 

2     Scuderia Ferrari  48 

3     Renault F1        34 

4     BMW Williams F1   32 

5     Jordan Ford       11 

6     Sauber Petronas   8 

7     BAR Honda         6 

8     Toyota Racing     3 

9     Jaguar Racing     2 

10    Minardi F1        0

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Just want to add this:

The new regulation also sais that one engine has to atleast last 2 races. Currently poor teams revise an engine at the end of each race. Rich teams just throw away the engine and buy a new one. This rule is designed to close the huge gap between poor and rich teams.

It could be that because BMW's engine is of higher quality it will last longer. This could be a very important argument to buy BMW's engine, but BMW has to prove this first unless they can find a team faithfull enough to take a blind leap.


Ford naturally has no trouble selling an engine for $10,000,000. Mercedes can get away with it because their engines are fairly conventional, and Ferrari has been in the racing bus long enough that they have the tricks of production down. I am sure mb nor ferrari are making much money selling, they are just doing it to stay in. BMW engines are always at the technology forfront. They are lighter, more reliable, more robust, and efficient. BMW does elaborate complex solutions to simple problems no doubt, but i think it is worth it. Keep in mind freinds, winning is just as much the driver as the car.

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