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I think US drivers are in big trouble

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I just read a report that the gasoline prices in the US are upto 2.27 dollar/gallon. Here in The Netherlands we pay 2.76 dollar/gallon and almost 40% of that goes to taxes. I remember that the prices were around a dollar per gallon when I was there back in 1998.

Now the war is over the price of crude oil is beginning to drop but the because of a supply shortage the US still can't get the oil it needs. The shortage is so immense that if one refinery breaks down or there's a problem in the supply line of ships then the prices will hike up another 30 cent's. Even if none of the feared accidents happen there will not be enough oil to get through the summer so the prices will atleast hike up another 20 cents during the summer. A price of max 2.88 dollar/gallon at the end of this year is expected.

I think you guyz will be having a ruff summer. I kinda feel your pain because the US used to be the only country where you could do stuff without Gov regulation and taxes up your nose. But now that all has changed aswell.

I guess we've traded places now. Here in the EU prices are dropping and the gov's are moving toward deregulation to give companies more freedom and in the US you're moving towards higher prices and more rules.

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to be honest, gas did spike up for a while, but is slowly creeping back. I think it was $1.39 a gallon last time i filled up. really not bad.


Well the national averge seems to be around $1.79 with the highest being in LA, Cali and SF all being around $2.2 and highest in SF with $2.27.

The biggest problem seems to be wether the US will be able to import enough oil to get through the summer. If I'm reading these numbers correct, the problem is the that the US does not have enough oil in reserves and with the current oil flow does not have enough to supply all of it's needs. Around 20% of the oil needs will not be answered this summer. Currently both the FTC and the AG's are saying that there is not enough oil in the US and the flow of oil to the US is too low, the FTC is investigating wether the oil companies are keeping the gasoline prices artoficialy high.

There is alot of speculation about wether Iraq will be able to shape up in time and supply the US, wether Iraq will stay in the OPEC or decide to supply the US without consulting the OPEC or wether the ANWR drilling will go as planned. The biggest make or break seems to be around Iraq.

The thing is that the whole thing is not fail safe. Like I said if 1 shipment of oil is lost, 1 refinery breaks down or worse yet a fire at a refinery breaks out then there will be a huge problem. Usualy the US would import enough oil to meet it's requirements and then some but for some reason the flow of oil to the US has been very low. Why this is? I don't know, this report is only about the oil needs and supplies not where that oil goes and how much the need has grown. If I have to take a wild guess it's either some kinda embrago by the OPEC or all those SUV's have hiked the oil need of the US.

Anywayz I guess we'll have to wait and see where this all goes.


a large issue for the united states in venezuela, who is our second larger source of oil. due to political uncertainty, they have not really been sending us much. OPEC is reducing production as the crisis with Iraq is winding down, and Iraq - if bush has his way - will be pumping oil out real quick. there is definately some artificial price inflation here, and I expect gas to be a bit above average, but not really too bad. atleast i hope.


Ya think? You guys will be drowning in oil in no time. Sickening as it sounds.... They're getting VERY rich right now, especially while they have the public paranoia andmindset that they can take advantage of, to drive prices even higher. Meanwhile we're getting screwed! Time to switch to a Diesel/Electric hybrid.


i'll sooner ride my bicycle around than drive a dieselectric hybrid.

gas prices here aren't bad. atleast not if you have a reasonably efficent car.


gutted 40mpg civic representin'! im sorry im white. maybe i just shouldnt post.


haha not a car but ill still post, my yamaha yzf-r6.... 40mpg riding aggressivly, gotta love those .6 litres. haha



27mpg in my old Yuppy bimmer (i can't help but put the seat all the way back, tilt my head, jack the volume all the way up, and switch over to some gangsta-rap every stoplight i have a stiff in a buick looking at me funny. If atf first he thinks I look funny - just wait.

22mpg in my Jaguar X-Type 3.0 - when it runs (the computers fail so often I am beginning to think microsoft got ahold of them)

21mpg in the Porsche Boxster - and worth every penny!

19mpg in the Suzuki XL-7 - yeah it's a beater, but it gets the job done - and somewhat of a sleeper with a 8.0 second 0-60 time.

11mph in the Land Rover Disco - and you get to feel like the great white hunter - what beats that?

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