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1.8T-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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I've read a few articles on the 1.8T, some good, some bad. I'm in the market for a new car to upgrade my dying A2, anyone have an opinion on the 1.8T? :-?

Also, anyone know anything about ADP? They claim to have an ECU that boosts stock WHP from 150-200. All that from an ECU? Just doesn't seem right....any input? And what about their Turbos?

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the 1.8T is a great engine to tune with. An ecu on that engine can get that big of a jump, due to conservative wastegate/boost settings from the factory.


But it's a pointless upgrade (err, update) if you ask me. Drop the updated 3.2T and intercool it. Then you'll have performance to really move the A2.


intercool a naturally aspirated engine - wouldn't do anything!

where will you get a 3.2L engine from? it isn't sold crate, it just came out.

the 1.8T is a great tuner engine, you can get 50hp from a chip easy, 100 if you push your luck. just keep in mind, it is still just a 1.8L engine though.


dont throw that heavy vr6 in there. do the 1.8t, you will get better handelling out of your mk2, and it is cheaper to upgrade than the vr6. the only way i would throw a vr6 in my mk2 is if i was shooting for 600+ hp. anyway, you should check out www.vwvortex.com if you havent already

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