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From what I have gathered, from the net and my dealer, the new M6 set to hit the streets in about 18 months will have the following:

I 10 5.5L 550 hp

around 80k U.S.

M6 will have different grill and body kit than 6 series which should be out by this time next year

There are a lot of pictures out there, even in this forum, so just look around

If you have any other info, plz, do tell

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the grille difference will be moderate, look although for some more trim on the car, a rear spoiler as well as a front air dam, side spoilers, different wheels, etc.

Everything i've read indicates an M6 may be in the higher end of the 80k's.

Sub 4 0-60s runs are fully expected. Unlimited topspeeds to exceed 200mph, and dollar for dollar, quite possibly the fastest car on the road.

With 4 seats, preliminary data gives this more horsepower/lb than a viper, and a more sophisticated chasis to put it down. A 4 seater to beat a viper. Even off the line. For the same price. That my freinds is what german engineering is all about.

you're assuming an SL65 ever happens. An SL55 with 493hp pulls it down in a factory rated 4.5.

A CL65, at 4,800+ pounds, is expected to run it in 4.2.







Viper SRT10


Porsche 911 GT2


BMW M5/M6 (2005)


a 7.7lbs/hp car being faster than a 6.6lbs/hp car, i really have a hard time seeing that happening. Numbers seem severly in favor of the bimmers. Look at it like this, they have an amazing 550hp V10, which falls a few horsepower short of the twin turbo V12 in SL/CL65, but their aluminum intensive construction, high use of weight saving materials, and use of a magnesium engine block gets their weight 800-1000lbs lighter than the AMG cars. Not to mention an SL or CL is a larger car as well.

Guys you i've been a bimmer fan ever since i can remember but i have this Q that hasn't been answered as yet. If bimmer can make cheaper, lighter, quick and fast cars why don't they make expensive quicker and faster cars or at least just one?

well, the M5/M6 will be very very very fast.

The M1 will be more expensive, more exclusive, more extreme (mid engine), and will have world class performance.

It will go head to head with 911 Turbo, 420 Modena, Gallardo, Viper, and the next gen NSX.

And it should, in BMW fashion, lead the pack.

because a vee engine has 2 banks, so it is effectively half as long as an inline of the same number. Because of this, the bottom end (sump, crankshaft, etc) has to be twice as long on an inline as in a vee, which can account for a good deal of weight. An inline also needs more internal structural bracing due to its signifigant length.

a vee six is lighter than an equivalent inline six. An inline six although is naturally balanced, which makes it incredibly smooth, and the lack of artificial balancing reduces rotational inirtia, making for good responsiveness. An inline six has special properties that make it a superior engine to a vee six, even though it is heavier.

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right now 550 sounds like the max that is going to happen. It could get uptuned to 600 in later years. The price will be 90ish, but can't get too high - else it will put too much money difference between it and E55 and RS6

i've heard that the 5.5 V10 will be 500hp (375kw) and not 550hp (from Australian sources)!

Is there any truth in that? I'd prefer 550 but 500 will do!

Also thepolarfoxqx when you say a i6 is naturally balanced what do you exactly mean by this and please don't over simplfy if you can?


in a v6, each bank has an odd number of cylenders, so there will be a larger reciprocating mass moving in a given direction at any given time (2 cylenders vs 1 the other direction). Therefor a balance shaft to counter vibration becomes neccesary. A straight six is totally balanced as there is an even amount of mass moving and offsetting at any given time in the same bank. No balancing neccesary.

I have seen sources saying 500 too. I tend to trust the ones who say 550 though. I saw most sources saying the 6.0L V12 in 760 would be a 415hp unit before it came out, and then others said 440. 440 turned out to be the reality. BMW usually does not dissapoint in terms of horsepower. Every time a new bimmer is released, the actual release horsepower is always on the higher end of the projected spectrum.

I could be wrong, but 550 seems more likely to me.


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