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Why is it MB doesn't make cars like the W125 anymore?

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For the people who don't know the W125 was buildt in 1938 and is still the official internal combuction engine landspeed record holder with 430 kmh (269mph).

A record from 1938 still standing, MB easily could make cars like that again, so why don't they?


Incase you were wondering. The speed set by this car is an average over 2 runs.

They couldn't measure speed accuratly back then, what they coudl do is measure length and time accurate to the 1mmeter / 1msec. The car had to go over a track which's length was determind accurately once it reached one end it had to turn around and go for the second run.

You know the length the car had to travel and you know the time it took to travel this distance. A simpel law of physics speed = distance / time (s = m / t) will give you to average speed of that car on that track.

It's topspeed was never measured but it's average speed was 430 kmh (269mph). You can imagine that it's stopspeed was way higher.

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Tsar Kalojan

...i had a w124 500e just a few minutes ago, and i'm still thrilled...311hp, automatic...i had it for about 15min. That's the car i'll definitely buy...

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