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3000GT VR4 is pimp?

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Im Getting a Car for grad in 2 months and im lookin at a 27 thow 50 thousand mile 1998 vr4 :o (yah i know cheep case your wondering friend of the family) :o but n e ways its used andthat dont seem to go great with my parents they like the new stuff so there stressing me to look into the evo :roll: or the WRX :roll: I like them both but im not into that compact car that looks like rally stuff were am i going to rally huh? the front lawn? i guess there quick and i might buy 1 but wat im trying to say all you guys who has info on the VR4 edgucate me ( for your info im lookin to compete against my homies supra (stock) so 300gt seemed like the best choice) also wieght i mean dam that thing is heavy 4 tons i need to know some weight loss tips and i aint gonna strip it of safty stuff thnx allot 4 helping a newbie out in about 2 month imma b thankin you guys or hatin you lol but its coo :P

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vr4 is sooooooooooooooo heavy. you would be alot happier with an sti. go for that man


YO!I have a vr-4 havy :D!It`s nothing my friend the car is great with a little bit of a tune it will become a monster!It realy does well with this killos!to those who think it`s heavy all I can say is bring it on boys!will see!GO for it my man!I live in Bulgaria and here is hard to tune your baby but USA is another story!I say go for it you would be pleased!


VR4 is an amazing car. An EVO VIII is faster though.


Don't be so picky. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents to pamper you with brand new cars coming out of highschool. Personally If i were your parents I wouldnt give you more then 10 k in a car of your choice. (if you want more id let you work for it :P)

The STI wont be available by the time you graduate. But you could obtain a 1999 VR4 if you look hard enough. It is a great car. Just don't expect it to outperform a supra, becuase it wont. At least not stock. I suggest you do a google search on it.

Personally If i were you in my states id just get a supra. If I had a choice between the WRX and the EVO id take neither, become a patient guy, and get the STI, the STI will not come with a sound system as it is a performance oriented car only. If this bothers you that much then go for the EVO.


I don't know. The EVO is going to have performance to equal or best a corvette LS1 in all areas (or so says mitsu north american marketing). I can see no issues with a car like that. A 3000GT has the capacity to take on a supra with minimal work. The mitsu 3.0L V6 is rock solid and easily tuned. It is a cool car.


You are my man FOX! :D just give me those supras! :)


hey i speak only the truth :D

The mitsu 3.0L V6 is just the most solid of the engines, and it is an awsome platform.

Mitsu makes the best turbocharged cars from asia. No ifs ands or buts, it only makes sense if you are going to tune, to tune the best turbocharged cars from the start.


I guess then i shouldn't talk bout wat my 1st car bein a 99 jag s-type when i was 16 lol. Anyways,

i've had my vr-4 for bout 4 years now and have dragged it quite a

trillion times lol u can rely on my word as well as fox's of saying its a damn rock solid engine and can withstand most ne amount of stress u put on it. I know my engine handles 894hp very well and could be a daily driver if it was street legal :lol::D

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