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2005 RSR


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I've been talking about he RSR so much I figured you should all see this thing...

I cant wait to see one of these things in the flesh but we'll have to wait until up to a year after the Gallardo comes out. they share the same chassis, suspension, and drivetrain so VW doesnt want to detract from Gallardo sales by introducing them at the same time. Especially because the RSR should sell for upto $70K less at around $80-$90K USD

What do you think?


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I cant remember where I saw the price. I think it was in an article about the Gallardo which had a paragraph comparing the two. Basically, Audi doesnt have the brand image to try to compete with Ferrari like Lamborghini does so they are setting their sights on the 911. That in mind, the price cant go too high!

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well, an RSR is a much much much more worked down version of the platform than a Veyron. This only makes sense. Fundamental handling should although be somewhat similar between the 3. I'll tell ya, I'd sooner have an RSR for $100,000 than a Veryon for $1,000,000

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i've just read that rsr will be shown at IAA Frankfurt later this year(september)....it will be next audi's concept car....perhaps final audi gt(production version)will be combination of nuvolari and rsr....

Audi are bringing out some nice concepts at the moment- theres the avus quattro, nuvolari, rosemeyer, RSR. I think it will do wonders for audis reputation as a super car manufacturer. It looks a bit like a veyron.

how can you say that rsr looks like veyron...it haven't been even shown ever....and there is no official photo...you may see the "photo"but that's just a sketch...we should wait unless it's unveiled and than we should start discussion about its design...

it is on the same chasis as the veryon and murcielago, i don't see why it wouldn't bear some resemblance to them. Audi oversees a good deal of what goes on at bugatti anyhow, a lot of their influence has gotten int.

FELIX - You said that Audi is coming out with some nice new concepts. The Avus was a concept in 1991, and the Rosemeyer was a concept in 2000. Supercars made by Audi isn't something that came out in the past few months. Also, does anyone else think it is a little ridiculous that the Rosemeyer has an excessive W16 engine that produces only 630 hp? I would expect at least 750.

the intake and exhaust layouts, as well as head flows dictated by a large W layout of engine are in no way ideal. It is reasonable to expect that a W engine will have slightly less output than a comperable vee. Furthermore, the Rosemayer - which is a concept, used a naturally aspirated W16, the horsepower number - while not impressive - seems right.

The RSR looks like the most promising car out of audi of this type.

well, the reason for the W not be as able (or easily able) to put out as much power is that due to there being 2 banks of 15 degree engines, the intake and exhaust manifolds have to have sharp bends and typically get space crunched, restricting airflow. Its hard to fit a large low restriction long runner intake onto such an engine, the shape dictates bends that get restrictive.

The advantage is A: They are small (very small) which allows more engine in a smaller space, they can be slightly lighter than vees, and can be very rigid. the size though is huge.

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Rage, I don't think that it's fair to say that the W16 ONLY puts out 630 hp. Audi could end up throwing up to four turbos in it if they so pleased. That would certainly bring up horsepower.

i don't think they could just slap on 4 turbos. See if they did that, the super-hyped volkswagen flagship bugatti veyron would have a car that is just as fast, same engine, and is at an eight of the price? I don't think that would work.


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