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wee man

Dude I saw more Ferraris !

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wee man
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Its Sunday and everyone who has a Ferrari comes out to play.

Ive just seen more Ferraris i saw A f355 and a 550

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LOL @ "comes out to play"! What do you live in L.A.?

wee man

No man i dont live in L.A

I live in a small country called Scotland You know Loch Ness Monster

I live near a big hotel where various celebritys come for the summer e.g

Micheal Jackson,Sean Connery 8)


LOL yes I know Nessy. Me and him chilled in the crib in Glasgow back in the day. He hasn't been around for a while though!

What city in Scotland do you live in?

BTW I love the Scottish (very interesting red-headed people). We have tons of Scots in British Columbia. A good 25-40% of the ancestry of the people here includes Scottish blood. That and Irish & British.

wee man

I live in a small town called Balloch, lots of Cruisin goes on here we have people we call NEDS who buy Vauxhall Corsas and tune then some times they look good and sound great but when then see a 360 They pull over and shout 'ats a dullyin where j get that big man so the ferrari shows up the corsa and they think there faster but the guy in the 360 proves them wrong! :evil: 8)


Hehe! Sounds a lot like this place! If you ever get a chance, come visit.

Here, since we don't have Opels (oh, sorry, "Vauxhalls"), the Canadian versions of "NEDS" get to work on some really craptacular cars (worse than Corsas, in my opinion). So you take to the streets in a 360 for example and you see all these tweaked out Preludes (Blech!) and Celicas ( :::Shrug::: ) and Civics (icon_puke.gif), and other such atrocities. And the people who modify these cars are as insane as their *economical* cars end up looking like. I know people who've bought "bargain-bin" second-hand trash for around 3 or 4 Grand Canadian and spent 58 Grand modifying them! For that much money they could have just bought a nice top of the line Beemer! And I can't bare to imagine the kinds of accidents those people can get into with those oddly-placed modifications that have no place on a Civic or Corolla (that's right!). Oh well, Perisnas have a saying, "When there's no brains in your head your body suffers"! (I apologize to any and all Persians for the horrible job of translation.)

That's all I have to say for now; have fun lookin' for Nessy!

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