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? about NSX...?

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Ok i have heard of a lot of new engine ideas for hte new NSX, they are thinking of v8, and high out put v6, single turbo v6, but the funny thing is i have heard that they want a small displacement hybrid, with a reciprocatiing internal combustion engine in the rear, and a hybrid electric motor in the front......IS THIS TRUE!!! has anyone heard of this?????


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nah man... ive not heard anything like that... but i did hear bout the V10 option for the nsx but that car will like have a different body style. But i do kno that honda has built a hybrid prototype racer thats like supercar power!


The "V6" thing is an abolute NO. I don't even think they would be dumb enough to drop a V8 and go for a V6. V6 engines are tired and unsporty. Sports-cars like the NSX ought'to have much better than just a puny old V6. Even your average box-car nowadays has a V6.

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