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Murciélago video


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Dude why are these videos so friggin' huge? I can't download AVIs. They're too big. 40+MB is out-of-line man.

these 2 videos its the BEST of my Murciélagos-videos,now you dont download AVI files dont problem my ok,i believe here have anothers people like the videos,dont use you Download accelerator and Windows media player?

I dont understand what your problem with the links videos :-?

Only problem is that I have about 300MB left on my HD, so I don't wanna download 40MB videos. Also, I DO use D/L accelerator and other programs (and tricks :wink: ), but my DSL (with a bit of trickery) doesn't permit more than ~230KBps, and that's still too much time for a huge AVI. On top of all of this, my soundcard doesn't work right now, and it doesn't play AVI's because the wavetable device on it is messed up, and because of the nature of AVI files, that seems to pose a problem.


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