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2001 Integra Type R

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Does anyone out there know how expensive it is to get 300-400bhp out of the B18C engine in the Integra Type :-?

I've heard that a Jackson Racing Supercharger will net you about 50bhp more than stock without any internal mods, but of course I would LOVE to get more out of it.

A list of the mods necessary to get this kind of reliable HP would be fanatastic :o:o:o .

Thanks in advance for your time and interest :P

Jay Hubbard

Nova Scotia, Canada

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that'l cost ya. Firstly, you will need larger wheels/tires to put that to the ground, and of course, a much better clutch, maybe even some new transmission internals to get it to the wheels, and some creative suspension work to see that all of that gets down, then you can worry about making the power.

I would advise against the jackson supercharger, or any supercharger for the integra (the jackson has pretty low output though). Superchargers start to get really parasitic at higher RPMS, where the B18 gets going. A good low pressure turbo and front mounted intercooler, a new intake/exhaust setup, and ECU could easily press your car into 250hp range. I would also think about a new CAM to make the best of this power if you add an S/C or turbo. Also, if you supercharge/turbocharge, you can run more boost without changing interals by retarding the ignition timing a little - just a little. There are half a dozen people selling turbo kits for integras, i would sooner buy a kit using a mitsubishi turbocharger over a garrett, as the mitsubishi's use a "non-convoluted" blate set, which tends to help boost power high end, which is where a B18 naturally excells. If you get into the mid 200s, i would also think of a new clutch, maybe stiffer springs - or larger wheels.

:D Thank you for the response. I agree about the supercharger, it just slipped my mind that they get high parasitic drag at high RPM. What do you think about a sequential Super-to-Turbo Charger set-up. (i.e. 0-5000 rpm on the supercharger, then 5000-8000 RPM {or so} on a Turbo) or a little easier to manager 0-5000 on NOS 5000-8000 on turbo? :-? In either case, this is a project in the making for someday long from now. For the time being what is a good way to get a significant boost in HP, or more importantly, low-RPM Torque? As you probably already know, when they are off of the high-lift cam they feel pretty gutless. Any suggestions?

if you want a type r to have 300+ hp you will need all of the things fox said. also with all of those thing the car would drive like garbage(this is assuming it is your daily driver since you dont have any other cars). my best suggestion for the b18c5(b18cr) would be to n/a tune it (a turbo would be a lot of fun but remember it will lag and to leave more room for error you would be better off getting lower compression pistons).

my knowledge is fairly limited when it comes to integras but the guys at honda-tech.com definately are insane when it comes to anything with that car(hondas for that matter). most of them worship your engine and if you search through the forums youll find what the best modifications are. good luck.


if you go with a low output turbo and do some ignition retarding, you can get away with stock pistons. I agree on the website. i was thinking of a cam with moderate lift increase, but signifigant duration increase, which will be pretty universal. For cheap, a chip, a variable fuel pressure regulator, an intake, exhaust, and a bigger throttle body will get you some pretty nice power.

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