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It's still not clear whether they're going to build the M7, rishy. But when they do, :D !!!! The car was rumoured to have 600HP+. And unlike the other Motorsport models it would be a 4-dour. I hope they make it (of course I'll never be able to afford one (maybe not for a while anyway)).

Well just as long as they make one (I'm keeping my fingers crossed). And besides it seems logical that they DO make an M7. Think about it. Wouldn't U buy one? I know I would. And by the way the Sports-Edition 760is IS in the works.

no i wouldnt buy a 7 series, unless my family are giants, which they are not, but still want a sports car. plus that car wouldnt be near affordable, sinse it would be like 250 000 candian, and thatd be asing for too much. it probably would be within maybach. Id much rather have a sportier coupe, sinse its logical to have high revving car in that form. hey that would be nice for a 9 series.. maybach type cars..

I agree it would be too expensive (especially for most of us Canadians). But hey I think if I had the money I'd love to have a big 4-dour car. I persoanlly like 4-door better. Of course for that much money I'd also be considering a new 8-series (if BMW decide to bring back the 8-series just like they're bringing back the 6-series). I wish they would make a 4-door (yet relatively smaller) BMW 8 or something like that. They really shouldn't have discontinued the 8-Series. And I think YOU, owning an 850ci, would agree with me! :D

P.S.: I know this is off topic, but do you follow NHL hockey? If you do, maybe you could tell me: what is wrong with your Edmonton Oilers this year? They could compete with the Canucks last year but this year they're no good, whereas the Canucks this year are right up there with Dallas & Detriot. The Oilers seem to have run out of Energy this year. :-?

I personally like 2 door better. they are lighter, and i think better lookin. I doubt they will make a new 8 series... just because when the 8 series came out it precedced a 6 series, and a 6 series didnt appear at that time period. i think htey are just staying with the 6 series, but even that car would be awesome. Yea they shouldnt have, it is truly the best car ive ever drivin in. It feels better than sitting in a CL 600 which htey have oever here in edmonton! not to mention its elegant exterioir, which would still compete for looks against current coupes. I would never think of selling this car, not unless the new M6 impresses me as much as the 8 series did to me. Not even the CL 600 gave me a stir. PLus i dont like forced induction engines.

P.S.: lol i ahve no idea, i cant stand the oilers, i donno they always give us this scare at mid season, i hope they turn it around

hey, you got a sequoia.

the naturally aspirated engines have that feel to them, agreed, and a coupe is nice. the 850 was of a style bmw was trying to get away from, I am happy merc is doing good things with the layout, and that bimmer is bringing it back. now if only audi got in......

I can't understand why Bimmer was trying to get away from the style. And as far as Audi jumping on the bandwagon as well, umm, can't say that would neccessarily make things better, because you would just have another confusing all-German competition on your hands. Audi should start doing things a little bit differently than Merc and BMW. I think they're living in VW, Merc, and BMW's shadow (well, VW's in the ist only because they're the bullyin' bosser-arounder head owner guys...).

bmw, merc, and audi each have their own distinctive features and styles to them, I'd love to see them all enter. The shaping of the 850 was a concept in boxy and sharp angled cars, and bimmer was moving for more rounded cars. Now bimmer is moving towards the "bangle" type cars.

Well I think BMW is swinging ever-which-way at the moment. Look at the Z4 (styled with a Machette, as some say) and the always deliciously controversial 7-series design that wil be appearing in the new 6-series as well.

ahah yea i got a seqouia

I would get a X5, but its trunk room is too small and i also wanted a Land Cruiser, but they dont offer it in Canada. yea i love naturally aspirated. Yea Merc did get a advantage since the 8 went out of production, and i like there shape, but when i went to vancouver, i saw like hundreds of clk 320's. even though the CLK 55 AMG is rarer, it still looks the same. The CL is just too expensive, and i dont think its worth it to buy that car at that price when the better BMW M6 comes out with a better engine, faster, unique, and i liek the sound of the word V10 over the V12. the M6 is defenetly a car i would love to own, cuz i mean itl be rarer than the 850Ci, though that is rare already. Im just hopeing they sell M6's in Canada. Yea i heard the 6 series will have a more tastleful versions of the 7 series back, the lights having a better suited shape, and the trunk belnding in more to teh car. I think the front lights will be more liek the 5 series, if uve see those lights, but the turnign signal lights wont be so curved at eh ends, but more straight and smaller, probably making room for the bigger grilles in the M6.

gees u guys r so off the M7 topic even B4 i got 2 say anything but 4get that... can someone tell me how much they would xpect an M7 to cost and its engine type, since I know it would have 2 be the best M version car, even better than the next v10 M5

ahah yea ur right, lol weve been a tad off topic :D , but anyways, the M7 if it comes out will have probably the tuned version of the 6.0 V12 engine the 760 uses, and will tune it up to 550-650 horsepower. i highly doubt the M7 will go into 600 hp territory but its possible. sinse this car would be pushing it into maybach territory, itd be interesting. Personally, i think they will just make a sport version of the 760i&Li (would be called 760is, or 760Lis) and would go just above the horsepower of the mercedes AMG, like 500-550hp. It will be very expensive, im thinking probably entering the $140,000-150,000 USD mark. It sure wont be cheap. I think the V10 will be a better engine because it will be very highly tuned engine, alomst at its highest point, but teh V12 is capable of more than 600 hp

Whoa, ok, so many messages to respond to....

First, let me get you guys off the topic again for half-a-sec.: if they weren't going to bring the M6 to Canada I still wouldn't move to the U.S. (eventhough I don't know what Minesota is like). I love it here, and if you lived in Vancouver you'd know why we love it. It's considered one of the 3 best places to live in (in North America), and most people only say that to make the other 2 best places feel better :wink: , and besides we already have many other kick-arse cars here. Oh and it doesn't matter that we get the Mercs and the other bimmers here, the "bumper regulations" in Canada apparently don't permit the average driver to drive an RS6 (for whatever made-up reason that it's violating the "bumper regulation"). Besides I wouldn't go for an RS6 when I can opt for a nice S8 or S4 (or even an S3) or something. Of course we probably don't have the S3 here (I'm not sure). Curiously there's something wrong with the RS Audis, eventhough the normal S versions are fine.

The M7 was originally rumoured to have between 570 and 700HP. this would indicate the presence of a nice muscular V12. Anyway they'll have to make it first. I'd like to see a Hydrogen powered M7. Now that would be a car worth buying.

Anywho, getting back to the topic, the original B7 was based on the 5-platform, so it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for them to make the new one based on the 7-platform. But they'll do whatever they want so what do I know?


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