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'94 Toyota Supra Specs; To get or not to get

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1994 Toyota Supra with a T66 single turbo conversion, 18" Volk Racing wheels, lowered and producing over 750HP on a 6 Speed. Red with tan leather interior.

$15000 in NEW receipts from Paisley Racing in New York with a new Toyota factory OEM shortblock engine installed.

68,900 Original Miles (Carfax avail)


RPS T66 Single Turbo Upgrade Kit

HKS Fuel System with 720cc Injectors

Blitz Front Mount Intercooler

Volk Racing III's 18x9 Front 18x10 Rear

Near NEW Tires

BREMBO Front Big Brake Kit ($2900!)

HKS Vein Pressure Controller


G-Force Computer Mod (7800 rev. limiter)

Tanabe Racing Medallion Exhaust

AZ Supra Clutch Kit

AB Flug Replica Hood

Rod Millen Front Lip Color Matched

Veilside Shift Knob

Apexi peak hold, memory Fuel Pressure Gauge 60mm

Apexi peak hold, memory Exhaust Gas Temp. Gauge 60mm

Greddy 52mm 2.0 Bar Boost Gauge

Dual Pillar Pod

Tinted Windows

Should I get it? :-?

Please answer.

Thank you in advance.

New sports car buyer :D:P:wink:

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Well, let's see, I personally have never heard of a 750HP Toyota Supra. If this is a lowered 750HP '94 Supra then you need to consider a few things that are absolutely necessary (in my opinion):

1- Is this a well-functioning Supra? Anything over 400HP for a normal Supra is a bit too much, which means several things have to be updated and upgraded in order for the car to be able to handle 750HP, which means that the Price should be much higher considering the fact that so many things must have been upgraded or added to it. Is there anything wrong with it?

2- Is the price good for a Modified used '94 Supra? Seeing as to how it's got nearly 70000Miles on it, it might means that some components may have reached their lifetime limit. Did the car do 70000 Miles after it was tweaked to 750HP, or before? If it went 70000 Miles after the modification chances are you've got yourself an over-worked horse that did all it's work in 5th or 6th gear (but I guess it could go either way....)

3- Have you test-driven it? I'm skeptical as to whether or not a lowered 750+HP Supra can handle smoothly (or handle at all). Check to see if the previous owner is still alive. If so, I think you should insist that you take it for a test-drive or something.

4- I guess you should make sure the suspension and grip, and the brakes have been upgraded for a 750HP level car (of course judging by the $2900 brembos I'd say that's already in order).

5- Consider the fact that the overall costs of maintenance for such a high performance car is usually insanely high. Also there's the very real possibility that this car is a major gass-guzzler that uses up a full tank before you even drive the car home from where you bought it (and with those gas prices lately...). I'm saying this because it doesn't sound like you're loaded (and most of us aren't). But if you don't care about these costs then party on! :D

6- Lastly, make sure your car doesn't fly into orbit when you hit 6th gear! :lol:

That's about all I can think of for now. I hope it helps. I wrote most of the above thinking that you didn't already consider them (seeing as to how you're a "new sports car buyer". That's about it for now.

P.S.: That's a phat car! :P


Thanks izzyloveslizzy,

It's a car from www.suprastore.com.

Here's the price:Regular price: $44,000.00Sale price: $39,000.00

Click here to see pics of the car

Thanks in advance



No problem man. I hope what I said helped. And by the way it's a nice looking car!


:o I already looked into this car, you can't get a Supra with many more mods than this. And many Supras have been known to push 800 bhp without any internal engine mods (i.e. no balancing or blueprinting), which is a great attestament to the engineering put into the engine. Either way, like any blown engine, it will be prone to detonation unless you make ABSOLUTELY sure it is VERY well cooler, intercooled, etc.

If you have the money buy it, replacement engines aren't that expensive for this car anyway. Especially in comparison to one of the greatest Japanese cars EVER made!


well, strangely, an intercooler causes the engine to run hotter (the intercooler decreases the temperature of air in the intake, which makes it more dense, meaning there is more oxygen in the cylender - which translates to more heat.

I would place an auxillary fan on the car, and also a lower thermostat.

Supra is a good car, if that is your type of car.


If you are worried about blowing the engine up, try visiting:


These guys import JDM engines for all sorts of cars


I wouldn't go with a '94 Supra. I think for the money you can get better sports-coupes. (I think Adam Corola of "LoveLine" drives a ~94 Supra.).


Hahaha... You can like listen to all of us... Its a good deal man. You jus gotta test drive it, take it to a shop that knows more about Supras than us yahoos :D , and ask the owner more questions like

1. where did he take this car for the mods(and go check out the shop)

2. why does he not want the thing anymore, and other stuff that comes to your concern.

Supras can hold their own HP without much internal mods. Im guessin bout 600 and maybe more HP on a stock block. If im correct in what i heard from my best buds who own supras, the difference in this year model as opposed to the later year models has to deal with the difference in the brakes. But for $15k, i say thats a good deal. Just remember, practice slowly in the car before you even think bout doin topspeed runs :D . And the money issue you might get into when you do break somethin in the car.


Well I think a few of us "Yahoos" know what we're talking about though, so it's good advice. Fox and T88, for example, might actually tell you something that's more informative and better than what you'll hear at a shop. That's why forums are good. But at the same time other "yahoos" might give bad info, so I guess it has it's disadvantages too. I say it's a good supra on paper, but it's a bit questionable (read above).

Oh, and at insane tweak settings, you indeed COULD very well break something in the car, Trip7. So that means you may get the car for cheap, but other costs may add up and pile up from there.


someone with a natural knack for engineering is also useful to have around. you can pretty well figure on paper how any given thing will affect for you, an fine tune as you do it.

The toyota engines are pretty sturdy, you'd have a time doing something too bad to them.


Someone with a natural knack for engineering; isn't that basically you?!


You have never heard of a 750 hp supra, man i have 5 videos of 5 supras hittin from 600-900, and a veilside 1260 hp supra!!!

all single turbo T76, or T88 conversion like mine....muahhaa

They are such great cars. From the stock, you can bump the boost and all you have to change is hte FPR, fuel pump, and often times, the cams. and you ahve a 500 + hp machine. The car sounds great to me, and the thing is if it comes from japan, that they whole car after 60 K has been reworked, and polished. So if you test drive it and like it, and see that there are no major flaws, man all ihave to say is you have your self a 10 plus second car........i want a supra bad too!!! good luck on your decision!!!


No like I said, I don’t see or hear about too many Supras at all. And to be honest I’m not a big fan of them. They’re fairly good, but to me they seem like one of those Japanese cars people like to tweak. And for the money you can opt for a nice German auto.


I only registered this board for the sole purpose of cleanse this thread of missinformation presented here. That is common for those that are materially fortunate.

First of all The 2JZ-GTE is an extremely strong engine. In fact it is the worlds strongest engine that was mas produced into a mass production car. (This means that I am excluding purpose built race engines, or crate engines.)

The stock bottom has been proven to withstand 900-1000 rwhp Without any proplems and while remaining street drivable. So your mistrust of a supra making more then 400 bhp is well to be expected from someone that has no knowledge of this car. That is ok, to not know anything about a particular car, I am here to merely tell you that this fear is baseless and the buyer should not heed this advice. In order to make that type of power in the 2JZ-GTE all you need to really worry about is one providing enough fuel, to match the boost you are running.

Mileage of the car at 70,000 miles you should know that the car should present no problems depending on how it was maintened. Generally speaking with proper maintenance they have a life span off over 200,000 miles. Just make sure you take care of the little things.

Also note that this car is not designed to be a drag race car, But a car that is a world class performer. Stock from the factory The supra has proven to match the handling of any ferrari with exception of the Enzo. And out brake even the biggest and baddest exotics. Its best stock braking obtained 60-0 distance of 107 ft. I have yet to see this being achieved by a production car from many of my favorite exotics brands.

What should expect if you buy this car, If you can handle this car, as it is quite a car you are obtaining. You can expect 0-60 accelarations below 3 seconds. 1/4 mile times in mid 10s to high 9 second runs. And a top speed of Over 200mph. If this car has the rev limiter in place, since it is a 6 speed, you will top out at exacly 204 mph (328kmh). Removing the rev limiter, will problably get you somewhere around 220+ mph (355 kmh). But I seriously doubt you will ever achirve this speeds so at this is problably irrevelant. The stability of the supra at such high speeds is extremely well, Comparable and in most cases Superior then to the much more expensive european exotics.

And unlike some of you have said, you will not achieve this level of performance for the money (Except for drag). You can try but you will spend several tens of thousands dollars more to get there. And you Might not get there at all.

This car will out run anything under 300,000 dollars that is stock (with excpetion with perhaps the 12 speed TVR). And will take many other cars especially european models MUCH more financially wise to even keep up with you, that is the few that will reach you there when modified, most wont simply make it.

I strongly Suggest you visit www.i-supra.com, and www.suprastore.com before you purchase. And I also strongly suggest that you do not purchase this car into you have a little more knowledge of this car. And if you don't have any racing school or racing experience under your belt. You should look into that before you obtain the car or otherwise, I suggest you get something much much more tamer instead. Like an BMW M3 instead, or an acura NSX.)

And obviosly I am reffering to this particular Modified supra, not a stock Supra.


Jesus! I just read that you don't have your license yet! And you are still a boy in highschool! In that case DO NOT PURCHASE THE 750 hp SUPRA! It is to much of a car for you, you will not be able to fully enjoy it, and most likely I can see you outright being in danger with you possessing such a car.

I suggest something MUCH MUCH milder for your first car so you can learn in a safer car how to drive. If you go used I suggest you buy a 1998 Nissan 240sx car. You can learn with a rwd car before you upgraded to something faster. Deffinitively something with 200 hp or less. Or you if you should look into the new cars out there. I woudlnt suggest blowing 40,000 on your first car, your first car should be low maintenance and worry free. And economical. Depending on your tastes you have many options available for this.

Young people like cars such as a Nissan Sentra SER V-Spec, An Acura RSX-s, Toyota Celica GT, A VW GTi, and many many others. It is something that is sporty, but still in its esence is an economical car and somewhat safe for a new driver Something along these lines Id suggest for you. And please whatever you do do not put oversized spoilers and other stupid things like that, if you do get such a car.

However as a first car I don't think its worth getting a new car, its a car you are going to abuse on in the first place. Id problaby spend 10,000 or less on a car if I were you. And save that other money for college.


i agree on the tasteful decorating of your car.

i also agree, get a car you want to get good at driving. I refined my front engine rear drive skills for a long time before i put them to work on something really powerful. Now I am just beginning to catch the hang of the handling of a middle engine car.

You'll want to know how to drive your car well. It is the driver, not the car, that impresses people most.

I can spin my volvo into parking spots - and demonstrate this on a regularly at work. The volvo doesn't impress people, the fact i just spun it perfectly into a parking spot does.


To be honest I don't have my license either, Inabj2. It's also kind of irrelevant to take into account the fact that he's in highschool. But that all has very little to do with it. The fact is no ordinary person should be trusted with a 750HP Supra. Period.


some people can drive a car like that. I wouldn't hop in one and floor it away. someone without a drivers liscense right out of highschool should not be driving it. Get too wild and you'll end up dead. No doubt.

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