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Registro Lamborghini

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"Registro Lamborghini" is an independent association founded by Automobili Lamborghini SpA with its own Statutes and Regulations. It was established with the following purpose:

1. To certify the number and which Lamborghini vehicles currently preserve their original state of manufacture.

2. To compile the "Registro Storico Lamborghini", a prestigious volume archived at the Company premises in Sant'Agata, listing all cars in their original state of manufacture.

3. To appoint as Members of the "Registro Lamborghini" those owners: a. who send to us an application with complete details of their Lamborghini vehicle. b. whose application is subsequently authorized by the Technical Committee as a vehicle conforming to the original and official technical features specified by the factory. Those applicants who meet the criteria requested will be authorized to receive an exclusive Membership Plaque attesting the originality of their vehicle.

4. To organize an International Meeting every year in the various countries where Members are located.

5. To provide members with discounts on spare parts and technical maintenance at the Restoration Centre in Sant'Agata.

The Founding Members of the Registro Lamborghini will meet to decide to which positions they are to be appointed in March. Subsequent to this the Statues and Rules & Regulations will be published. In April the application and entry forms will be made available. Further examining the entries, the Technical Committee will call those vehicles entered to the first Technical Inspection which will be held on 9/10/11 May during the 40th Anniversary Celebrations. For any further information on Registro Lamborghini and its activities please contact:


Updated news will be available also on the web site: www.lamborghini.com

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