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The Best Super Sport Car of the 2002


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"Last week we told you about driving the Lamborghini Murciélago at 208 mph. This week it makes our list as the best super sports car. Mind you, we could just as easily have nominated the Ferrari 575M Maranello, a car we also discussed last week.

The difference, though, is all about degrees. It's like asking someone if he'd want foie gras every night. Of course not. Or caviar--or to be married to Pamela Anderson. Nope, none of that. But to have these things some of the time? You bet.

And that's how we'd describe the joys and failings of the Murciélago. It's sickening fun to drive fast, a thrill in any corner and capable of making other cars look stupidly inept--it can get to 100 mph in only 9 seconds, for heaven's sake!

Then again, we don't have $280,000 for a car, and we'd bet 99% of you don't. Still, you can dream. And for the other 1% of you, rest assured that there simply isn't a better sports car available in this country. Not if you like to go fast, be seen and be thrilled. Then again, if you don't want the gawks, get the 575M, a tremendously flexible Ferrari you could really commute in.

Or wait a few years. Ferrari's parent company, Fiat Auto (nyse: FIA - news - people ), is in crisis mode and apparently will sell a significant stake of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati--as a single company--to Volkswagen. VW owns Lamborghini.... Imagine Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini under one roof, and things get really, really scary. "


Source: Forbes.com

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It already HAS happened. VW now owns half the world. Next up they're gonna invade Poland and the Czech Republic (actually they already own Skoda, so forget about the Czech Republic)! Seriously though why would that be bad? VW would give them great direction. Of course personally I'd like to see them be owned by BMW.


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