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2000 audi s4


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my father just bought a 2000 audi s4. i dont really know what would be the best upgrades to do on this car. i found the apr stage III upgrade for the turbos which claims 460 at the wheels. but i dont have any experience with this. if anyone knows of any good mods to make for maximum power gains but he wants to keep it street legal please let me know. i know you guys are definetly more experienced with upgrading this kind of car. thank you

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good on you its a great car some good mods are

computer chip (MTM makes good chips)

air box/pod (k&n is a good brand)

exhaust (2-3 inch)

suspension(adjustable coil overs are the best)

after that you can do the more serious stuf like intak eg.

boost controller

waste gate


blow off valve

bigger turbo

and you will probobly need bigger brakes

you can take some parts eg brakes, supension off the tt quattro as that has good parts

i am from australia so if some of those brands dont exist there thats why.

good luck :D

460 hp is a lot out of that engine. Be cautious in tuning. If you push the car to make too much power, you will start to wear hard on the bottom end (crank, connecting rods, bearings, etc.), also, if you plan on increasing boost a lot, new head gaskets (stronger ones) may be neccesary. Also, be sure not to exede the transmission's maximum torque rating by too much. The computer chip is a safe and awsome tune. So is intake work, exhaust, headers, a big bore throttle body. A new intercooler works well. When it comes to massively changing turbos - procede with caution.

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First I should mention that that's a nice prelude, djfux69:



Secondly, I think the car can still safely (more-or-less) get another 40HP and push 500. It's just a nice number. Anywho, I should also mention that your car may start to experience problems soon, because the engine wasn't made to be overworking at 460HP. Also, the milage must be terrible. And think of the trees, for God's sake think of the trees! I would have personally gone for an M3. The horse population on the M3 JUST surpasses that of the S4. And the M3 gets better milage as well (not that many enthusiasts like yourself might even care...).

By the way do you have a picture of te S4? I'd like to see it, if possible.

firstly, what happens when you hit a bump in that prelude, all 1 1/2" of ground clearance may not clear all the potholes.

secondly, there is much more power to press from an S4/RS4 powerplant than an M3s, but for a stock car, the M3 is tops in the segment.

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haha sorry i havent been on in a while , but first. thank you for the compliment on the prelude. it just came out of the shop actually for a new front bumper. potholes definetly are not fun!! but i hardly ever bottomed out because the suspension was soooooo stiff. we ordered chip intake and exhaust for the S4 and i will see how that goes for now. thanks a lot. and it makes me really happy to see that you like my prelude, that is my baby and it makes me sad to sell it. maybe i can find a way of holding onto it. im in the process of selling it because i just bought a new 350z and i definetly can afford both right now insurance wise.

also i will get pics of all 3 together for you, as soon as i manage to get all 3 washed at the same time. i have a blue theme, and you will find out why i said that later.

Hey no problem. One of my buddies has a blue prelude, but it doesn't look that good. And his is pretty messed up. Everything in his Prelude, from the engine to the oil-shaft to the intake to the exhast and what-not has issues. He's gonna sell his. I think you should mod your Prelude some more (or “should have”). As far as Preludes go, it still has a lot of room for mods and pimping. It looks like an incomplete job, though it still looks pretty good.

Oh and I’d love to see the pic.. By the way tell me about your 350Z and your S4 and what you think of them. I want people's personal reviews of those cars (especially of the 350Z).

well the s4 is an amazing car, it is very fast and soooo comfortable. the 350z is brutal, you break a sweat driving it because it is just so much fun. i kinda like the s4 better because of practicality, i mean the speeds arent much different from the z to the s4, except that the s4 is quattro so you can have some insane launches. im ordering the apr stage III chip today and ill let you know how it is when i put it in. for the Z i am wating for the TT kit to be released which claims 475 RWHP!!! at 7psi!. but we will see what the numbers are when it is released, i wont get my hopes up. ill have pics up soon.

Hey, good stuff! Thanx for the info and review(s). I'll look forward t oseeing the pics (they're both incredibly gorgeous).

I think your S4 may be suffering a bit; although the the S4 is fairly heavy (afterall, it IS a sedan, coupe or not...), the 350Z still puts it to shame in the curb weight category. The 350Z is very clow for a 287HP sports-coupe, and the S4 (unless it's an older one (...?)) has a whopping 344HP. Well, maybe not so whopping considering that the direct competition (the M3) has only 1MHP less...); quite a bit nevertheless.

Hey if you twin-turbocharge your 350Z technically you can have yourself a 350ZX!! :D

yeah it is an older one. it is a 2001. im not sure of the hp on those?? 250? i dont really know. hmm.

i had a question though. i just bought blow off valves, do you think i should run them like bypass valves? or into the atmosphere? i just want to do what will do less damage to the car, i want it to work perfectly and everyone i talked to said to get them if i chip the car.

I think they had 300 or so. Definitely more than 250.

Hmmm. That's a toughy. I don't know which car you want the blow-off valves for, but since this isn't entirely my area of expertise I don't wanna tell you to do anything that could hurt your engine. I think you'd better ask thepolarfoxqx. He should definitely know. The last time I gave "valve-advice", umm, well, let's just say there was some, "unpleasantness"! :lol::oops:

Well, blow off valves (or twin for the biturbo audi) work well for extra responsiveness. If they are done right they work fine (ducted correctly). If they aren't, the engine can get a bit violent natured. I see no reason not to use BOVs if you are going for more power, just get good ones from a good manufacturer. Best bet is to buy them in a kit with other components (like a chip and ductwork). Makes it much easier.

I dont know where you live, but Chicago has the "worst weather." I have a 1996 RWD Impala that I can't even drive in light rain without sliding, so I'd bet a higher HP car like the M3 would suck in anything but perfect days.

I live in mineeapolis, and i'm pretty sure we have weather worse than any place imaginable. (c'mon, who else besides someone in svalbard can wake up to near 50 below temperatures). I drive rear wheel drive cars all the time in snow, rain, whatever. You have to be a good driver, you can't drive like some sort of badass in the snow, and you need to have all season tires at best. if you have advanced traction and stability control, like an M3, then you're set. the only time you'd need all wheel drive is if somehow you get yourself stuck. I've yet to get somewhere my rear wheel drive car couldn't get out of.

Yeah, dumping clutch in an all wheel drive car will get really expensive in a hurry.

I enjoy being able to spin my rear tires and leave tiretracks and smoke.

yeah rwd is definetly fun, and i totally know what you mean about needing to know how to drive in the snow with rwd. i love it. im out with rwd when everyone else is 4wd, and they cant even keep up. its amazing how many people dont know how to drive in this country.

one perk of having awd though,...... flatspins :D , sooooooo much fun. pivoting on your center.


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