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Someone is going to get depressed now


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There was a day when there were more than a dozen makers of pure sports cars. Many died, others were bought out - and there were just a few. First porsche builds an SUV on a shared platform with VW, then the Ferrari station wagon. I am in disbelief. What is that thing?

Huh. If I had that much money, I would do better things than let my swindling younger brother buy ferrari station wagons with it. Isn't their some second world country he could buy at a discount?

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The Sultan of Brunei needs to be shot and have his money taken away from him! What a horrible way to manage a fortune.

Aren't there some good works he could be taking part in? He supports a spoiled relative with an out of control car habit and parties at the palace when he should be making sure his people are living well.

brunei is very very very wealthy, or atleast was.

I am not surprised.

If you think the sultan should be shot, wait until you meet his brother prince jeffrey. He lures american beauty pagent winners to his country, then holds them hostage. i think you can figure the rest.

Anyways, i think we have people higher on the list of need to be shot than the sultan of brunei. The sultan buys horrifically mangled cars, i am thinking of people who MAKE horribly mangled cars.


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