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Next Gen M3 to have V8!


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While everyone has been talking about how wonderful the "New 3.2" is, it isn't really new, just a modified version of what has been sold in europe for a long time. With new competition from the RS4 and the better than expected C32, M3 simply cannot maintain dominance on ony 3.2 naturally aspirated litres. Therefore, when 3 series gets redone for the 2005 model year (released as in 2004) the M3 will get a highly tuned version of the 4.5L Valvetronic engine that goes into 745, and will go into 545. 400-450hp can be expected from the 4.5L. Also, standard 3 series will get the new valvetronic 3.5 Inline 6 (spawning 335i).

So BMWs new car line goes like this

2003 - New styling introduced with 745i and 745Li (and I drive) - also Z4

2004 New 5 Series debuts (3.5L, 4.5L, 5.5L engines), New M5 V10, 760Li V12 debuts with 400+hp

2005 New 3 Series dubuts, (3.5L becomes top standard engine, 4.5L for M3) with the same styling introduced on 7 and 5, also possible M7 to debut (or 760i V12 Sport)

It will be a fun few years.

Questions of the day, when the current M5 goes away, what happens to Z8 (based on current M5 - does it stay the same, go away, of :P gets the new platform and engine!)

Also, what happens to M Roadster - will it go away, or come back on Z4 platfrom powered by either A: current 3.2, tuned 3.5 (unlikely), or the M3 V8 when new M3 debuts?

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I am feel like such a moron for forgetting the 6 series. The great new 6 series! I can hardly wait to see and drive the M6!!! The wonderful coupe - the sexy two door design coupled with the amazing 5 series underpinnings - and how is this for an engine linup:

635Ci: 3.5L inline 6 - 250-275hp (i have not heard a solid number yet)

645Ci: 4.5L Vee 8 - 325hp

M6 (655Ci?) 5.5L Vee 10 (500-550hp)

All engines will utilize the valvetronic system introduced in the 4.5L

The 5.5L will come out with Gas direct injection (to be introduced in the 760) and GDI will be phased into the 3.5 and 4.5. The chasis is MacPherson struts up front and Multi-Link in the back - though I have heard that the rear suspension is going to use some pretty creative geometry (even more so than what debuted in the 7 series - which already corners quite literally free of body roll at all but the highest speeds)


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