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New Ferrari 575MM


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F1 gearbox is cool but maby it will destroy some of the driving feeling. New xenon headlamps i think is the biggest change on the look and it looks good. Those 18" Should have been stock on the first Maranello but im not sure i like the new front. Interior is like a sportcar should be. I like the new big rev counter in the middle. Think the car will be extremely fast waiting for a test on the Ring. Wonder how much more this car will cost then the 550.

Front-end looks unusual compared to my car....I like the steering wheel and the dash layout and also like the wheels, but I wouldn't specify an F1 gearbox.

New brakes + 515bhp....

Watch the video of it driven by Luca Badoer around Fiorano; its one second per lap faster than my old car. (sounds beefier than my car too)

Need to drive the new car.... I heard the suspension has been modified to be more comfortable when driving slowly... My car will sometime crash around over potholes and manhole covers, and judder and shake.

BTW: It costs almost nothing more than the old car, at least in the UK. I have to see it, but I'm very tempted on specification. But I simply cannot afford a new one. Maybe

when a used import becomes available by the end of the year....

That front end though?? We'll have so see one up close.

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I'm positive that the 575 was being driven with traction control switched on while the 550 was driven with it switched off. The 550 got sideways quite a bit while the 575s didn't oversteer at all.

I don't think that the video was actually representative of the the difference between the the two Ferraris. I think it was just there for a little visual comparison and fun. Those times are probably the best that have been achieved by both those cars - not the actual times in the video.

BTW: spoke to main Ferrari dealer who said that if you order a 575 now in the UK, you'll have to wait around two and a half YEARS to take delivery. What a joke.......

I think with fine tuning you could get your 550 up to same power level as 575. The 550 looks better and i think you get more enjoyed driving it. You can see in the video the F1 Gearbox has an advantage but it doesnt mean its funnier to drive. Still dont think many drivers can get that 1s a lap. Like i said will be funny to see the Ring time i expect it to beat the fastest stock production car now Porsche GT2. Two and a half years is a very long time i think if you buy it in Germany/Italy you will get it faster. But i think you can update your car to a 575. The money you will loose if selling your 550 you could get a Turbo kit for 550. I would take a F40 any day over 575. If theres still any in Europe heard they are pretty hot i Japan these days.

Yes mate....

Braking hard causes weight transfer to the front wheels as you saw in the video.

This is actually good news for the sporting driver.

With more of the weight transferred to the front axle, the wheels at the front can actually grip harder (there is more weight pressing them into the road) - this means that the car can be slowed down more rapidly - obviously meaning that ABS will would be activated later.

With more of the weight over the front wheels, the car can also turn in faster......

However it does mean that the rear end becomes light and slightly unstable under late braking.... Most sporty driver like a little bit of rear instability but electronic dynamic brake proportioning systems will stabilise the car if the rear becomes too unstable.

If the car pitches forward too much then the rear wheels will not have ENOUGH weight on them and the car will brake SLOWER....

I'm guessing that suspension changes and more powerful brakes mean that the 575 pitches more but brakes harder and turns in a tiny bit faster than the 550.

Hitcham...You like the look of the 575M..... I would like to see what other people think of it...

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Ferrari lovers everywhere..........!

This news is a bit second hand but I'm fairly sure its reliable - from someone (probably at the factory) who drove it recently.

Its one thing listening to Ferraris media hype - its another listening to someone who's actually driven it.

The new car is meant to be sensational!

Despite modest changes to the engine there is now a huge difference in the midrange power and torque levels between it and the 550. It has the fastest F1 box in the world. In addition its handling has been soo substantially uprated (sky-hook suspension and new damping mechanism) that it really does drive a whole lot better then the 550 (which is quite some achievement!)

Its more than just a minor change...the cars is said to be fantastic.

All of which is very exciting (unless, you own a 550 and cannot afford to upgrade :sad: ).

Supposedly the US allocation is already filling up with American buyers prepared to pay $125,000 over the list price to be the first to take delivery.

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Germany is the 2nd largest Ferrari Market after North America.

FERRARI KICKING ASS IN FIRST GP PRACTICE OUT IN AUSTRALIA. (and well done Toyota on their practice debut. and Sauber too)


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First off the 575M looks like a Toyota Supra (for 225,000 dollars, it shouldn't look like a japanese wanna-be sports car from the 80s)

Second, it is front engine - meaning that it cannot handle anywhere near as well as the 360 modena or the Lambo. The engine is awsome in all ways, if you rearranged that car, you would have a perfect car (swicht the motor to center).

Third, a rear weight bias is ideal for breaking - under heavy breaking, the weight over the rear wheels keeps the car from pitching forward too much, which prevents understeer - and thereby, you can go through braking corners faster (or drive a faster line). Unfortunately, when you take a turn quickly with the heavy rear bias, the front end - with little inertia will quickly bite in and turn with great grip, but then the inertia of the tail wants to continue forward instead of turning - result - you guessed it.

polar - have you seen a 575MM? or sat in one in real life?

The car looks awesome - No Lamborghini comes close to the sublime and simple design of the Maranello series. The interior is spectacular and the driving position is perfect - by comparison the Murcielago is a joke (I should know because I recently drove one).

I'm not sure I agreee with your reasoning - the 575 is as quick around Fiorano as the 360 Modena lap for lap....... And in fact the critical on limit handling of the 360M actually makes it a less satisfying drive the 550/575M also. Mid-engine cars change direction faster and have superior corner-out traction because of the weight on the rear wheels. But the penalty is instant breakaway if the limits are reached - try sliding a Diablo - I think not.

Why do cars have small brakes on the rear axle and large ones on the front? The front does most of the braking. Weight transfer to the front is is necessary for optimal braking (not F1 - they have downforce instead...)

I have seen a 575 in real life, I guess it is a matter of taste. In terms of the numbers (I have yet to drive a 575 or a Merci.) the Lambo is the superior performer. The reason you cannot slide a Lambo is two fold - First, it has a sophisticated all wheel drive system which manages traction, and secondly it has an extremely powerful advanced stability control which will remodulate throttle and apply brakes to keep traction from being lost. Logically a front engine car would have much larger brakes in the front, between weight transfer and being front heavy, the front has more inertia under braking. In a central engine car - say like a Lambo or a Modena has closer to even sized brakes because it is slightly rear heavy, so it becomes slightly front heavy under breaking. A Porsche for example (911) has a high rear weight bias, therefore, its breaks are even (on some models, the rear brakes were larger) because even under the hardest braking, the balance still stays rear or neutral. This is why a porsche brakes with so much stability (without the intervention of the hyper-complex Porsche stability control).

I may think that the 575M looks like a Supra - but that is opinion - there is no doubt that the 575M is much more refined and has a superior interior - but on the track - it is all lamborghini - it is a matter of priority. I think ferrari makes the most passionate cars - the ones that have the most soul, but they already have 2 front engine V12 cars (456GT and 575M), but no center engine V12?. I am simply dissapointed with the 575, the 550 was alright, but to me, the only real ferrari now is the 360.

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Sorry Mr. Fox,

no stability control on the Murcialago.

Just a engine only traction assist system and ABS.

It cannot actively build brake pressure like a normal TCS or ESP could.

The stability comes from their all-wheel drive system alone....

But Manu is right about sliding a Lambo. It is really tricky........

But then again, sliding isn`t the fastest way around the corner........

Sorry Mr. Fox,

no stability control on the Murcialago.

Just a engine only traction assist system and ABS.

It cannot actively build brake pressure like a normal TCS or ESP could.

The stability comes from their all-wheel drive system alone....

But Manu is right about sliding a Lambo. It is really tricky........

But then again, sliding isn`t the fastest way around the corner........

The system utilized by the Lambo (it is a Steyr Puch) uses torque sensing to redistribute power (very quickly) - in effect it has a similar effect to a dynamic stability control. I agree, it is difficult to spin an AWD vehicle of any type, though, four wheel drift is possible.

Hy Guys...

I'm as long as i can think a big Ferraristi! In Germany we have a nice event in august, the Oldtimer Grand Prix! The best is not the event but the guests there coming with their sportscars! they hav'n own parking zone for each car brand! so there were bout 150 Ferraris standing in the pits! a nice view indeed.. :D

Here a nice curiosity: I'd never seen such crazy color on a Ferrari...


More nice pics here:


As much as I am a BMW Williams F1 fan (montoya is the man), I can't help but like Schumi, anyone who drives that well deserves a great deal of respect.

The southeast in the US is beautiful, I remember living in Alabama as a kid, and riding with my dad in his mustang conv. in january with the top down. the weather is perfect. people here pay a great deal of money over list for Ferraris, but there is such a large supercar market here. Every limited production car (well, except NSX), sells out quickly, and for over list. I can only imagine what things will be like when F60 Enzo goes on sale.

The Xenon lights are really a good thing on a car like that. I am not sure I totally agree with how they styled the front ends (does it say late 80s Supra to any else?). They definately stayed off an overhaul for awhile, as much as others love this car, it just doesn't feel ferrari to me. By the way, is it just me, or does the Maserati Spyder come awful close to 575 like performance on less than 1/2 as much money?


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