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Ever driven a Diablo GT?


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Has anyone here driven (or is friends with someone that has) driven the ultimate Diablo - the GT.

I know they built 80, all LHD, does anyone know about any for sale and their used values.

What is it like to drive? Can you drive it through town (if you must)? Can you see out of it? What does it sound like?


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I have the topgear video when they tested the most famous Lambos from the old Miura, Countach to the new Diablo. Hehe, its the big guy with curly hair. In the Countach he cant almost get in when he finally is in he cant move and cant see anything. Then he tests Diablo and it has much more room and has much better view. I think all the Diablos i have seen has a camera to view back. Dont know about the GT but seen a VT driving through city in winter. I know that Auto Salon Singen had a GT for sale. Its still on mobile.de for 270 000EUR. But the car is not on their page(http://www.auto-salon-singen.de/) anymore so i guess its sold. I think you can get way cooler cars for that price. But everyone says that Diablos has no traction but the GT made the ring in 8.04 in Sport Auto. If buying a Diablo i think the GT or SV would be the best.

I have driven a 1993 2wd Diablo and thought it was fantastic but VERY difficult to drive. The a/c was lousy but it sounded good.

People STARE at you when you drive past them - they think its a spaceship! The only car with more presence is a Ferrari F50. But line a Diablo up alongside my 550 and the Diablo would get all the attention.

(Curly haired guy - Jeremy Clarkson. He said, "the Diablo then, is like an elephant. Nice to look at, but you wouldn't want to own one.")

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Aston Martin Vanquish: 250 000

Bugatti EB110 GT: 200 000

Bugatti EB110 SS: 350 000

Ferrari 288 GTO: 300 000

Ferrari F40: 200 000

Ferrari F50: 500 000

Jaguar XJ220: 200 000

Lamborghini Diablo GT: 250 000

Mclaren F1: 1 200 000

Mercedes CLK GTR: 1 000 000

Porsche 959: 200 000

Porsche 962 Street: 400 000

Porsche 993 GT1: 750 000

This list i made some while ago with cars from mobile.de. If you come with the cheapest of the over $200k cars. F40, EB110, AM, Diablo GT, 959 and XJ220. I honestly think that the F40 would get most attention. You know people cant see a difference with a GT or Diablo from 92. The EB110 and XJ220 i dont even think people know but they are so good looking.

Then to the new Murcielago from what i have heard its everything the Diablo wasnt. I would rank the car over the Diablo GT.


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