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M3 x Audi TT RS 330 Quattro


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Who is the fast?

Toni, the TT owner said:

"Good bye M3, M5, Porsche 911, Ferrari F355, Mitsubishi EVO VI."

Maybe he says this because he compares the cars in a Drag Racing... hehehe.

Because in open road or track i don´t believe that it is a faster car then BMWs, Ferraris and Porsches. A Quattro traction is a shit for who likes to realy drive.

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Actually we have in Sweden in one of the biggest car magaines a competition called "Super stage" its a cone track . I read a number in the magasine about some Hohenester car with i think same kit. It beat many of the cars like Stock Porsche GT3. I seen a TT here that i later heard numbers of 500hp. It looked quite fast.

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  • 6 Monate später...

How do you compare M3 to this tuner car? First off, M3 can hold its own, first off because the TT is severely front heavy, impeding its handling, secondly, it is not much faster than M3, and next, A tuner named Hartge put a 5.0L M5 V8 into an M3 body, which i think would even the scores, you can't compare a tuner car to a production car. Anyhow, M3 is getting a V8 before too long, a highly tuned 4.5L Valvetronic V8. I think that would pretty much leave C32 and RS4 in the dust.

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