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Buying a 355


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I am living in Ireland. Car prices here are crazy. I have heard that Germany is the best place to buy a Ferrari?

If it's true, it would be great, as I have wanted to have a good look around that country, lots of great cars, great people, and great roads, are there still no speed limits on the Autobahn?

Anyway, back to the 355. I am interested in a 1994 or 1995 355 Berlinetta, Red with creme leather if possible, and at a good price. I don't mind where in Europe it is, as I am willing to travel. Any suggestions?

Thanks SEB, for the pointer to mobile.de. I just ckecked it out, and they have one 355, but I'm still looking for others perhaps a little cheaper.I have been crazy about the 355 since I first saw the early pictures of it in magzines before its release and I drove a 355 2 years ago around a race track, and since then, I have really, REALLY wanted one. Maybe some of you know someone who would like to give me a 355? :smile: ah well, it was worth a try!

Ireland. The thing i was thinking about is that in Ireland all cars are RHD. Germany they are all LHD. So why not check more prices in other RHD countries. Theres not one 355 on mobile. Maby one for sale in GB. Have to change the search for all countries. GL in your search.

Yes, I know Germany has LHD cars, that is the way Ferrari cars are originally designed, and the LHD cars are reputed to be nicer to drive than the RHD versions, but I can't argue as I have only driven LHD ones. I intend to move out of Ireland in the future, and most of the countries I am considering are LHD, so it wouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, I gonna keep looking, maybe I'll get lucky and find one soon. Thanks for your help.

Then theres no problem if you moving to Europe just check the big sites like mobile.de got the most of them. I dont know how its to import a euro spec car to the states. Know they got hard laws in california so most euro cars got other mufflers and on. BTW i love U2.

Thanks again. I'll keep checking those kind of sites, I'm sure something good will turn up. As for U2, I love them too, they are brilliant, they sound almost as good as a Ferrari going through a tunnel :smile:


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