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Euro M3/4 is my game


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Hey Roland,

I have a Euro Spec M3/4 that I imported from Germany about 3 months ago. Yes, I paid that nasty price of importing one to the states. BLAH! What exhaust do you have on your M3? I am getting that! HEHE! Seriously, let me know cause that is one of the first things I am buying. Thanks!

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Hey Chris,

it must be a real M3 love that you imported a Euro Spec M3 to the US. It is a good decision due to the circumstance that the old E36 US M3 is not a real M3. It is only a 328 engine with some modifications.

Yes, my exhaust was really loud. As the police stopped me to check the sound the found out that is has 118db. Only FYI, here in Germany only 91db are allowed. It was as loud as a lifting Boeing. :grin:

The exhaust was from G-Power. It is a german manufacturer. I don't know if they export into the US. But you have to try because the sound was incredible.


OH MY LORD, 118 DB, wow Roland, you must have been waking up the neighbors, hahaha. That is one heck of a exhaust you have there. Do you have a audio of the sounds it makes on the site?

And Chris, you are lucky man. I'd kill for a M3, but a Euro spec, damn, I'd me a mass murderer.

How much is the cost difference from the US and Germany. I know in America the top models cost $60,000.


yes my old M3 is part of the gallery.

Click here

Check out the videos and sounds at the bottom of the page.

Yes it was pretty loud. Hard to start the engines without waking up the neighbours. I guess one of them send me the police: :evil: :evil:


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Well, yes Iam quite the BMW enthusiast if you ask me. However, I would never import another BMW from Germany into the united states again. As it stands I may never see my car. Its still in New Jersy being converted to meet US regulations (not easy at all). The cost of sending it back would be tripple from what it cost from Germany. I am not looking forward to this. It has one more chance to pass the EPA testings or else... bye bye. :sad: Plus, its not the cheepest thing in the world to import one of these German monsters. Just to give you an idea you need to buy the car, ship it, pay import tax, and conversion fee, and oh the customs agent. How much to convert an Euro M3 3.2? Well since its an OBDII car you looking at about 14 grand! Plus all that other stuff I listed above. Please, a word of advise. If you want an M3 buy a US one or buy the E46. Its just to complicated and a huge hassel. Later, Chris

The exhaust was from G-Power. It is a german manufacturer. I don't know if they export into the US. But you have to try because the sound was incredible.


Hmmm... Do they have a website? I really want that exhaust. How much do you think it is now? Heck, I will buy your if I can. I think its time you got something a little less disturbing. HEHEHE

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Hi chris, I also had a rare 94 Euro M3 with 286HP, specially brought in by BMW canada. #44 out of 45. I purchase a exhaust system from england from a company called "evolution 2", they were very nice and helpful. The exhaust is beautifully made and had a great review on "European car". sounds just right and the tips are slightly pointed upward, DTM style. The guy that own the company is a big BMW fan and started his own BMW supup company with his wife. damn can't seem to find the phone#, also ordered a chip from them but caused too much problems due to gasoline octane difference.here some pics of the exhaust.


My published article on "European car" August 1996 issue, it was near the front of the magazine, I almost shat myself when I saw it at the news stands. don't mind the chessy writing, it was 7 yrs ago. and sorry for the compressed pic.


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I thought the Euro Spec E36 M3 wasnt legal for North America?. Then why didnt people import euro E36 M3s to the States instead of buying exspensive charger for getting 300hp. 96 the double Vanos came with 321hp was any of those also extra sold in North America?.

I think BMW north america did not think there was a nitch for the more expensive european m3s. So they suped up regular 3 series engine stroking it from 2.5 to a 3 litre to keep the cost down for the US consummers. also euro m3 has a higher compression ratio and there might be problems with gas octane(I think highest gas octane you can buy in the states was 92, not 100% sure)I have to use 94 octane and thats the highest we get here in canada. BMW only imported 45 3.0 m3 for 94 and that's it. base price was 59995CND. after all the taxes and options my was nearly 86000, and that was pretty damn expensive for a 3 series. I am very happy that we are finally getting the real M3s now.


the rarely seen european 3 litre in NA


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