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Autodelta GTA

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Hallo zusammen!

Hat jemand hier im Forum Erfahrungen mit Umbauten von Autodelta an einem GTA (Hubraumerweiterung auf 3.7, sowie Kompressoraufrüstung)?

Auch betreffend dem Aufwand einer Zulassung in D oder CH.

Viele Grüsse


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Erfahrungen kann ich nicht bieten aber ein interessanter Bericht aus nem anderm Forum :wink:


Unfortunately my German is not to good but I found your website interesting. I work in Saudi Arabia but home is South Africa & I own a 147GTA, I had a 156GTA previously. I think you might find my car interesting & it was recently featured in MaxPower SA. No this is not a car that has been spoiled by ugly aftermarket body kits & the like however I am very good friends with two of the worlds foremost Alfa tuners, Dawie De Villiers of Glenwood Motors in South Africa whom I have known since my late teens (a friend of my father’s) & Jano Dedajan (managing Director of Autodelta). Being a Greek & living in SA, well Dawie is South African & Jano is a Greek.

Let me tell you a little about the car. It’s a very late model 2005 & registered in SA in January 2006. The car is blue with a 2 tone leather interior, tan on black. The exterior is standard GTA bar the OZ/Autodelta 8X19” Ultralegerras, fitted with 225/35ZRX19” Pirelli PZero Corsa’s. Now that’s a hint to the rest as Dawie is the Wildman globally when it comes to Alfa’s & here we use a combination of Autodelta & touring car parts to complete the car:

Engine - First step of tuning

1).3.7L Autodelta Stroker kit but with upgraded pistons, Ross forged race type & Pauter Machine forged conrods, all blueprinted & balanced & the compression ratio increased to 11:1.

2).Gas flowed & blueprinted cylinder heads fitted with Newman Racing Cams big valves, 304 degree Newman Racing Cams & solid lifters.

3).Autodelta/Ferrari 360 throttle body & Autodelta Carbon Intake System.

4).Group N exhaust & branches by Dawie De Villiers with Autodelta tailpipes.

5).Autodelta modified ECU with 8000rpm limiter, map to suit throttle body & camshafts plus a Unichip piggy back unit to enable fine tuning fitted by Dawie De Villiers & Dastek.


Standard GTA fitted with Gemini LSD & Competition clutch assembly


1).Autodelta Sport Corse adjustable shocks (height, dampening, rebound)

2).Autodelta control arms(upgraded)

3).Eibach roll bars


GTA 330mm with Xdrilled Autodelta discs all round, up rated brake pads & stainless steel braided lines

355mm, 8XPiston Praggia (the units used on the GTA 3.2 Production Race Cars in South Africa). Race pads are fitted as are Autodelta braided SS lines, Autodelta Xdrilled rear discs are used.


Autodelta/OZ Racing Ultraleggerra 8X19” fitted with 225/35ZRX19” Pirelli PZero Corse

All work carried out by Dawie De Villiers of Glenwood Motors





*All tested by GPS & Verimax computer in SA by test authority

Believe it or not, the car is set-up on 93RON fuel unleaded (it losses some hp but it’s safer, 15hp at the wheels to be accurate), pulls from idle in 6th-cleanly, revs like an F1 car all the way to 8000rpm in every gear, is not noisy, the Group N silencer meets all emissions, makes 115hp more at the wheels than a standard car. In fact at 4000rpm it has the standard car beat. Torque is above 300Nm at the wheels from 1600rpm & never drops below this figure until 7200rpm.

I have covered 10000km in this car & it’s been the drive of my life & I have owned M3 CSL’s……………..etc.

This is what the GTAm would & should have been. I beat a CSL hands down in this car, a V8 M5 anywhere, a 355 Ferrari, RS4’s, it’s an amazing little car. I also won the SA Alfa Club concourse with this car, outright. I maintain it impeccably.

I have kept the cars character & added 100kW & 110Nm to the mix & it takes it in it’s stride.

Now we are building another 3.7L stroker motor but with standard camshafts & decompressed to 9:1. Jano from Autodelta will come to SA & him & Dawie De Villiers will fit the Autodelta Supercharger kit but running at 1bar instead of the usual 0.5bar (special order). This will produce around 520-540hp & 600Nm

FORZA GTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao, John


Hier noch PDF-Files mit dem Artikel zu seinem GTA:

Der Artikel ist schon etwas älter. In der Zwischenzeit wurden weitere Modifikationen durchgeführt, die im ersten Beitrag aufgelistet sind.

Seite 1

Seite 2

Seite 3

Seite 4



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