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Countach 25th gegen Renn-Testarossa

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Obwohl der Tessarosta Semislicks und grössere Bremsen hat, wurde er vom Countach um 1,6 Sekunden geschlagen :DO:-) 8)

Graeme shows this race prepared Ferrari what for with the aid of Quacker's trusty Countach Anniversary. There were tears of joy (and pain) in Danny's eyes at the end of filming, although we gather he was still sitting waiting for his brakes to recover several hours later.


Earlier this year a good friend of mine was invited to pit his Countach against a Testarossa for a childrens program called "girls not aloud" around Rockingham Race Circuit, in Bedfordshire, UK. Danny rang me and asked if I would drive his car. Danny is a very good driver but has almost no track experience. So bearing this in mind and adamant that under no circumstances did he want his Countach beaten by a Fezza he asked me to drive as I have done a fair bit of motor racing over the years.

While I was on the way up to Rockingham Danny rang me and was not a happy bunny. He said "the bloody Testarossa's a race car". The chap who owns it races it in the Classic Ferrari Championship. Its fully caged, got great big AP brakes and semi slick tyres. Well finally the guys have posted a link to the event so here is the outcome. You'll have to be patient as it seems to take a while for the video to download. One of the girls envolved in the filming asked me what I thought my chances were. Well I said the Fezza's a race car, Danny's Countach is a bog standard road car. I've driven it once before on a dual carriageway for about two miles. The brakes will be shot in two warm up laps. But sometimes it all boils down to the nut behind the wheel. Hope you all enjoy, cheers Graeme

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