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Viper gg. Bugatti Veyron?

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Hyper Viper's attack on Veyron

Not one company has dared say its car could outrun the Bugatti Veyron. John Hennessey is damn sure his will...

If a Bugatti Veyron rolled up to a traffic light alongside a gang of idling exotics, even the most boisterous Ferrari driver wouldn’t rev his engine in challenge. The thunder of 1001bhp would send a sonic boom through his carbon fibre shell, crack it in half and leave a wet puddle on the fancy leather seat.

Now try that next to John Hennessey, a smirking Texan slinking low in a Hennessey Venom 1000 Twin Turbo, his monster rendition of the crude, all-American Dodge Viper. He presses the throttle, the heat of 1000bhp and 1100 lb ft of torque crackling out of the side exhausts.

The Bugatti pilot doesn’t even nod his head - then the light turns green. The Veyron is immediately in the clear thanks to its all-wheel-drive, but in the next few seconds, the Viper presses along the Bugatti’s side mirror and then - the unthinkable - it makes a pass.

That’s what Hennessey thinks will happen when he gets the chance to race a Veyron head-to-head strapped with full test gear. So far, only the Veyron’s top speed has been officially documented outside the factory. Everything else is on Bugatti’s word....................

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Super, wann gibts diesen Wagen bei uns? ...in Deutschland? ...mit TÜV? ...und Herstellergarantie? ...und so... :wink:

itf joegun   
itf joegun
That’s what Hennessey thinks will happen when he gets the chance to race a Veyron head-to-head strapped with full test gear.

I do not think that this will happen sometimes...:wink:

But the car looks very interesting...when will we see the first videos of the Hennessey Viper? Someone has got one available?

Northern Light   
Northern Light

Ich traue es ihm und seinem Auto durchaus zu, dass er damit den Veyron überholt! Und wenn er es nicht schafft dann gibt es immer noch andere mit weitaus stärkeren Schlangen (1000-1500 RWHP).

In dem Artikel wurde auf das 1-Meilen Rennen hingewiesen. Hier ist der Link dazu: http://www.roadandtrack.com/article.asp?section_id=31&article_id=2572

Viel Spaß beim Lesen und Video schauen.

Edit: Peter Blachs RSI Twin Turbo Viper gegen eine F16. Er putzt nen Veyron auf jeden Fall weg: http://videos.streetfire.net/category/Viper/12/wm/89ab2c20-65b1-43aa-a9e4-eb0805f713e2.htm

Edit2: Link geändert

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