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Ferrari präsentiert ein neues Modell in Pebble Beach

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575 Berlinetta Convertible

This is the title they announced at the event. ... i'll try to describe the top mechanism...it pivots around a circular hinge at the "b pillar" i think you would call it and the rear window pivots with it. The top then sits on the area that would have been the rear shelf and trunk space. With the top laid back flat the trunk still opens. The "c pillar" i think it would be called is obviously moved forward and is curved backward and the area behind the rear window is scalloped out to make space for the top to lay flat. It is an ingenous system and only takes 10-15 seconds to employ. The engine is also uprgraded to the 612 specs...540 hp.

Geplante Stückzahl: 500 - 600


Wednesday 27th October

Launching early next year with folding roof

Autocar reports this week that Ferrari is to launch a convertible 575 at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2005. It will be called the 575 Super America, have a strictly limited run of 500 and, unlike its predecessor (see the 550 pic), sports a fancy new folding roof.

The report reckons that it will have a more powerful version of the 575's 5-litre V12 engine, boosting power from 508 bhp to 540 bhp. Some UK customers have already had a sneak preview of the car.

The roof itself is allegedly made of a carbon-fibre frame surrounding a single pane of glass, which can be electronically tinted in five discrete steps to prevent the driver frying in direct sunlight -- like that's a problem in the UK 11.5 months of the year.

Originally developed by Italian styling house Fioravanti, it retracts by pivoting and then flipping upside down into a modified rear panel.

The price of the new machine is likely to top £180,000.


Das Bild im Link zeigt übrigens den 550 Barchetta, der dann wohl Opfer eines noch deutlicheren Preisverfalls werden dürfte....

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