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Software update's SMG2 & motormanagement E46 M3

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(sorry fot the english, is easier for me than write in german)

This week my M3 (june 2002) goes for a 60.000 km-service to the dealer in Holland;

there is the possibility to upgrade the software as well for SMG2 as for the engine. But they couldn't say what this upgrade exactly does change.

There was a kind of warning: "...when we update the software, we can not go back, unchange it...".

So, the choice is with me.

I contacted a technician from BMW-Holland, and also asked about the M3 software updates. He also said he didn't know about the exact changes, except one: when the gear is in neutral ('0'), you can't anymore high-rev the engine.

So my question, anybody here know about this updates?

And, there is a risk to upgrade the software from a very good driving car, something can go wrong?

You have experience or suggestions?

Thanks for reply (and please answer in german)



I don't know the details of the software changes. But it is often seen with new engines that the software is refined during production.

The software changes might only improve the driveability of your car at low rotation speed of the engine. Updated versions and newer cars (with new software) usually are at least as quick as "older" engines. Therefore you don't have to be afraid to loose engine power. Directly after the update the engine might be/feel less quick due to the learning parameters which have been resetted. But this will change after a few hundred/thousand kilometers.. .

Kind regards, MMMPassion


In accordance with m-GmbH there is no update of the SMG software. I

had called them a few days and they confirmed me by 2

persons that there is no change of the SMG software.


BMW's policy it quit clear:

If the costumer has no complaints no action will be taken concerning motor or SMG updates.

You must ask for updates if you feel you have a problem that needs attention.

However, when you go for servicing BMW will check to see if service actions need to be implemented on your car. Then mandatory updates will be carried out.

PS: Sorry for answering in English :wink:

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