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yvesolution CO   

I am about half way through writing a book on the Lamborghini Murcielago , and am now looking for input from fellow owners , enthusiasts and dealers

The book will be published by Veloce Publications , who have previously published Joe Sackey's ''The Miura Bible ''
The Lamborghini Factory have agreed to support this project , as have some of the well known motoring magazines

If you would like to contribute photographs of (your) cars, anecdotes about the buying process and ownership delights and tribulations , have archive material , or anything else that you think might be of interest for the book , please do contact me at : murciebook@gmail.com

I am keen that the book has an inclusive and international flavour , so would be equally keen to hear from owners, enthusiast non-owners , specialist dealers, mechanics , automotive historians, clubs based both in the UK , and from wherever else in the world these wonderful cars are to be found

Please also pass on this request to others who might be interested , but who are not on Pistonheads

Thank you


Vielleicht kann jemand aus dem Forum was damit anfangen, bzw was dazu beitragen!





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